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My portraits are of people from all walks of life.  Some are of well known individuals, while others are simply random people whose poses or images I found to be inspiring.  Portraits are my current concentration.  If you are interested in a portrait of a family member, a friend, or yourself, please reach out to me in the purchase section noted above.

Schiele green top 10.10.22
Blue main - less 5.27.22
Scheile Red top 10.10.22
scheile Self Portrait 10.10.22
Grey hair 10.10.22
Brown t-shirt 7.19.21
Hope 11.2.20
better executive 11.9.20
John Lewis 9.10.20
Chef Andres' 8.29.20
Black Woman 6.22.20
Hair Envy 8.18.20
Mike Steadman 6.14.20
Muslim 7.8.20
Self Portrait 8.5.20
Didier Raoult 12.6.20
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